Individual Advocacy

What is it?

Advocacy for children and youth, on the individual level, who are accessing government services. The primary role of the YCAO is Individual Advocacy.

What types of things does an individual advocacy worker do?

They can connect with social workers in different departments to review what plans are in place for young people. They can meet with you to hear the views or voices of young people and make sure that these views are considered in decisions being made.





Community Travel

Individual advocacy workers, as well as other YCAO staff, travel to communities whenever possible to check in with their clients, meet with service providers, offer support and host presentations about the UNCRC.

Public Education

We can provide training about the UNCRC and children's rights to anyone who is interested! If you would like to know more about the types of presentations we offer, call the office (456-5575). If you think your business, organization or a group of young people might like to hear more about children's rights, either call the office at the number listed or send us a message through email or Facebook. Want to reach out on Facebook?


Young People Have A Voice!

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